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Frequently Asked Questions

For Video How-To Tutorials Click Below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0p6r8gz39iDyulPOCZlaQ

Q: Do these trees produce suckers, seeds or cotton?

A: No, none of our products are messy and root systems are not aggressive.

Q: I want a privacy hedge or wind block. How far apart should I plant?

A: We recommend you plant either one row spaced at 3' or two staggered rows at 5' for privacy or wind block.

Q: How long do I leave my willows in water?

A: Its best to leave them 2/3 of the way down in water for at least 3 weeks but the average is 4 weeks. The willow bushes should be in water longer 4-6 weeks. Remember, the poplars should not be rooted in water.

Q: After they are rooted, do my hybrids need a constant water source?

A: Its best if they do and they will grow better, but once established it isn't absolutely required. We recommend that you install a drip line or irrigation system. The more water they get, the faster they will grow!

Q: My starts arrived looking dry. Will they be ok?

A: All non-rooted starts will come in a dormant state and may arrive looking dry especially if they are from an older donor tree, but please follow the instructions and you will soon see roots and buds in no time! Limbs will look different at different times of the year as well as if they are harvested from different donor trees, don't expect each order to be the exact same.

Q: How deep to I plant them and how big do I dig the hole?

A: Plant to just past the root line (where the water line was) and dig the hole about 6" wide and slightly deeper than the start and gently backfill with top soil

Q: I know it says don't use fertilizer but what if I really want to? I have had such great results from Miracle Grow.

A: Do so at your own risk. These plants have a natural fertilizer and in our experience it has been too much to add fertilizer (especially for the first year)

Q: When and how should I trim them?

A: We advise you don't trim them the first year. After that, you can trim as often or where you want. Remember, if you trim the top it forces growth downward and if you trim the bottom it forces upward growth.

Q: When rooting, can I have them inside? 

A: Yes, you can but make sure you have a good INDIRECT light source and airflow. This applies to rooting outside as well. If the starts are placed in direct sunlight they may scorch while rooting.

Q: My starts aren't rooting very well, can I get replacements?

A: We guarantee all of our starts to root or we will send out replacements in the first 30 days.

Q: How close to a fence or house should I plant these? 

A: We recommend about 10' or more unless you want to do some trimming through the season.

Q: My starts aren't looking so good after planting, are they dying?

A: Sometimes the starts will go into shock when planted in soil after rooting in water but generally recover nicely. Don't worry!

Q: My starts have aphids on them! What can I do?

A: Even though these are fairly pest resistant... aphids can be a problem. We recommend spraying the starts with a mixture of 10% dish soap and 90% water. It dries out the aphids and kills them.

Q: We have bunnies and deer that I fear will eat the starts. What do you advise?

A: Local home improvement stores sell a pellet or powder that deters critters but you can also put chicken wire around the starts.


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