All Poplars

First thing, soak starts in water for a few min.

to rehydrate. If temps are consistently above 

freezing, you may plant outside. Otherwise, fill 

plastic cups with good potting soil and poke holes 

for drainage. Please no fertilizer in the soil (you can

dip the ends in rooting hormone for much better

results)! Insert the cuttings all the 

way into the soil so that the top bud is barely 

showing out of the soil and the bottom bud is


Water well and make sure you have good air 

movement or ventilation and place in a sunny 

window. Keep the container moist but not wet. 

should white moss grow, spray with hydrogen

peroxide. Cuttings need at least 65 degrees 

to sprout.  They do best with 14 hrs of sunlight. 

Can use florescent or LED lights. The plants 

can be taken outside when temp stays above 

40 deg. Prepare soil 6” deep and water well

Picture of person holding new plant

All Willows

Picture of a plant being watered by a spicket

Please carefully remove towel and leave in banded bundle 

in a bucket of 5-6” of water with wet-side down for 2-3 wks

(4-5 wks for bushes). Keep in an indirect, PARTIAL-sun, well

ventilated area. While rooting, if temps are too hot or cold

outside, feel free to keep indoors by a window. Fans work

great to maintain air circulation. In rare cases, if moss

develops,feel free to spray starts with hydrogen peroxide

and increase the circulation.  

When it’s time to plant, carefully remove the starts from the 

bundle and separate not to damage the roots. Dig a hole 

larger than roots and deep enough to cover the root line. 

Back-fill carefully with fertile, tilled, garden soil so as not to 

damage (no fertilizer or Miracle-Grow). Keep starts HEAVILY 

& consistently watered for the first year. Drip lines work great! 

Only plant when ground temps are above 40 deg consistently 

and done freezing. If its late fall, winter or early spring, you can

plant in buckets indoors until done freezing.  Remember, No 

Fertilizer! And absolutely no planting in ground that has had 

Round-up or weed killer previously.