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You have just planted your roots in the perfect location!

Branch of tree
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Branch of globe wilow
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hybrid poplar tree
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branch with no leaves
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Hybrid willow and Poplar Trees Twigs Nursery Logo
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Our hybrids feature...

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Large heathy tree
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Hybrid willow1.jpg
Picture of Poplar tree growing 10 feet a year

 Growth up to 10'/yr! 

Roots in 3 Weeks!

 Up to 75' High!

 Trim if desire smaller

Free Shipping!

row copy.jpeg
Picture of Hybrid Poplar mature tree showing shade and privacy

 Plant Every 5 Feet!

Shade & Privacy! 

tree branch

Our trees have no seeds, suckers or invasive roots!

Leaf image

 Beautiful - Fast - Wind-block - Privacy - Shade 

branch of hybid poplar tree
branch of hybrid willow tree

You have just found the 'Premier Seller' of Hybrid Austrees, Poplar Trees, Willows, & Bonsais for Shade and Privacy. We clip our cuttings fresh with each order & only ship with moisture controlled priority shipping. Don't take the chance & receive dry old starts from those other guys!


Full video tutorials available at:  



tall grass
Shape of a dead tree
Shape of a healthy tree



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