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10 Hybrid Salix Austree Willow Tree Starts FASTEST Growing Privacy and Windbreak!

Debating on putting in a fence for privacy or wind blockage? Consider the amazing Australian hybrid willow. Much cheaper, MUCH taller, and keeps your yard so much cooler! Once established, this magnificent tree grows at least 5 feet per year and as much as 10 feet per year. The first profile photo is a tree that is only 10 years old! The more water they get, the faster they grow. They top out at about 40 to 65 feet in 10 years. SUPER drought and heat tolerant too! 

You will receive 13 starts. For PRIVACY, it is recommended that you prune the tops for the first few years to force thicker growth. It is also important that you AT LEAST plant them every 5 feet. For effective WIND BLOCK in winter when they loose their leaves, it is recommended that you stagger two rows and plant them 10 feet apart with an 8 foot space between rows (obviously the closer you plant them... the thicker and more excellent the hedge) With this formula you can cut wind down 30-40%- that's without leaves!!! (Additionally, if you want to ensure survival of your hedge, we have found that planting 3 starts in one hole is very effective in eliminating the occasional start that dies as they form one giant root ball.)

These trees are LIVE plants that just need to be tapped aprox. 3-4" into the soil and watered heavily (for 5X the growth and best results, place them standing up in a bucket of 3-4 inches of water and keep watered). We call this the 'Jump-Start' technique and we will send you detailed instructions when you order. These starts come with other tried and tested instructions for optimum growth and survival. Still, if you don't want to go to the trouble, due to the nature of this unique tree you can plant them directly in the soil when you receive them as they do not need any roots or leaves to start. (some come as a bare start, but others due to inventory rotation, go out with small roots and leaves- either way it doesn't effect final growth or size if you follow the instructions included)

This tree is truly incredible with its speed of growth but it also is an amazing beauty with vibrant green foliage, gorgeous slender leaves, and overall spear-like shape. As with all live plants, the buyer should anticipate some natural die-off as they would planting anything - a certain amount do not make it. Please order accordingly.  B075PGP13P

10 Count Order of Hybrid Willows

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  • Best Practices for Managing & Establishing Order of Hybrid Willows

    Poplar and willow trees add beauty to a farm landscape and enhance the bird's life. Other benefits include timber, absorbing greenhouse gases, farm nutrient management and carbon decrease.

    To effectively manage poplar and willow tree size, a landowner should use adequate equipment and be trained in tree pruning and felling operations or should employ professionals to do the task. We have tried to develop the 'best practice protocols' to establish and manage willow and poplar trees and use them wisely as they grow well.

    Hybrid willow trees have tremendous growth and can grow up to 12 feet per year. They reach a mature height of 30 - 40 feet in less than 5 years.

    Planting trees is a part of being environmentally conscious. With some major portions of our planet's tree canopy gone within the past 30 years, homeowners need to plant trees around their homes.

    Absolute Pros of Planting Trees

    • Trees produce oxygen.
    • Trees help to reduce runoff and soil erosion.
    • Trees filter air pollution and help to purify the air.
    • Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife.

    There are also some direct benefits for homeowners who plant landscape trees. The trees increase your home's value and add beauty to your yard. Trees protect your home from winds and help you save energy costs in a number of ways. Mature trees provide shade and reduce direct sunlight absorbed by your home, and it also reduces the energy costs in summer. You can enjoy your shaded yard in the summer months.

    Plant a Windbreak

    Hybrid Willow trees can act as a fast-growing windbreak when planted in rows. This tree has a speed growth of about 12 feet per year and can reach a mature height of about 30 - 40 feet in less than 5 years. It is a great windbreak due to the presence of dense foliage in the summer and the abundance of branches in winter. A large number of branch growth doesn't hinder the Hybrid Willow tree's ability to acts as a windbreak even if it loses its leaves in the winter.

    The spring and the fall is the best time to plant hybrid willow trees.

    Throughout the world, millions of poplar and willow trees have been grown on the farms to stabilize the erosion-prone hilly areas; this also provides shelter, shade and food to the farm livestock, resolves drainage problems and provides a source of supplementary fodder in the summer season. In this article, we have mentioned some practical experiences to deliver "best practice" protocols in order to establish and manage poplar and willow trees and use them wisely.

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