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 24  Hybrid Salix Austree Willow Tree Starts FASTEST Growing Privacy and Windbreak!

Debating on putting in a fence for privacy or wind blockage? Consider the amazing Australian hybrid willow. Much cheaper, MUCH taller, and keeps your yard so much cooler! Once established, this magnificent tree grows at least 5 feet per year and as much as 10 feet per year. The first profile photo is a tree that is only 10 years old! The more water they get, the faster they grow. They top out at about 40 to 65 feet in 10 years. SUPER drought and heat tolerant too! 

You will receive 25 starts. For PRIVACY, it is recommended that you prune the tops for the first few years to force thicker growth. It is also important that you AT LEAST plant them every 5 feet. For effective WIND BLOCK in winter when they loose their leaves, it is recommended that you stagger two rows and plant them 10 feet apart with an 8 foot space between rows (obviously the closer you plant them... the thicker and more excellent the hedge) With this formula you can cut wind down 30-40%- that's without leaves!!! (Additionally, if you want to ensure survival of your hedge, we have found that planting 3 starts in one hole is very effective in eliminating the occasional start that dies as they form one giant root ball.)

These trees are LIVE plants that just need to be tapped aprox. 3-4" into the soil and watered heavily (for 5X the growth and best results, place them standing up in a bucket of 3-4 inches of water and keep watered). We call this the 'Jump-Start' technique and we will send you detailed instructions when you order. These starts come with other tried and tested instructions for optimum growth and survival. Still, if you don't want to go to the trouble, due to the nature of this unique tree you can plant them directly in the soil when you receive them as they do not need any roots or leaves to start. (some come as a bare start, but others due to inventory rotation, go out with small roots and leaves- either way it doesn't effect final growth or size if you follow the instructions included)

This tree is truly incredible with its speed of growth but it also is an amazing beauty with vibrant green foliage, gorgeous slender leaves, and overall spear-like shape. As with all live plants, the buyer should anticipate some natural die-off as they would planting anything - a certain amount do not make it. Please order accordingly. 

You WONT be disappointed with this TERRIFIC TREE!

24 Count Order of Hybrid Willows

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  • Understanding the Tips for Nurturing Your Perfect Hybrid Willow Tree

    The hybrid willow trees grow at a staggering height of 6 to 10 feet per year by creating a dense screen that gives natural privacy blocking the unsightly view and sound. They can grow as big as 50 to 75 feet if not regularly pruned. During the winter, the willow hybrid trees also act as a windbreaker even when they don't have the leaves since their branch patterns are dense.

    The best seasons to plant a hybrid willow are the spring and the fall seasons. While planting the tree, the following steps should be considered.

    • The planting site you will choose should get four hours of direct and unfiltered sunlight per day. While choosing the site, you needn't considered the site to be sheltered from the wind, as hybrid willow is a strong windbreaker.
    • The site should be clear of many turfgrasses, weeds, debris, etc.
    • The hole dug should be of the same depth as the root ball, and the width needs to be twice.
    • The root should be placed in the center of the hole.
    • The hole should backfill with soil halfway, and then it should be watered thoroughly. Once the backfilling is done and the water drains tamp down so as to eliminate the air pockets.

    The willow hybrid tree's space should be at least three feet apart to have dense privacy. If you wish to create a windbreak, then the tree should be planted in a staggered pattern or double row of trees five feet apart in a zig-zag pattern.

    The willow hybrid trees are hardy trees that can thrive in any soil condition and grow well both in full sun and restricted shade. The trees are highly adaptable to the range of soil conditions. These trees prefer slightly alkaline or slightly acidic to neutral. The soil needs to be well sapping since these trees are not drought-tolerant, and they highly benefit from the 2-3-inch layer of mulch around their root area.

    The newly planted trees require water twice a week for two to three months; after that, they require irregular watering of about one inch per week, with slightly more given during the summer or dry spell. The trees do not need regular pruning to maintain their shape as they are self-pruning, as the winds take care of the overlong branches, and they fall off naturally.

    These trees are incredible with their growth speed and have vibrant and amazing green vegetation.


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