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Bonsai Dwarf Weeping Willow Tree Start! (this is not a completed tree)

Make your own Bonsai! This is one of our best selling products. Great gift for all ages. You will receive 1 start or cutting of this beautiful "Bonsai" Weeping Willow Tree to grow and shape. These starts are LIVE plants that just need to be tapped aprox. 3-4" into the soil in a planter and watered heavily (for best results, place them standing up in a bucket of 3-4 inches of water and keep watered). We call this the 'Jump-Start' technique and we will send you detailed instructions when you order. These starts come with other tried and tested instructions for optimum growth and survival, along with detailed instructoins on how to shape and care for your little Bonsai. 

These Bonsai's are so fun to sculpt and shape for all ages! To learn more about this bonsai and its caring: 

For more Info: www.bonsaitreegardener.net/care/how-to/smal-leaves

Bonsai Green Dwarf Willow

$34.99 Regular Price
$31.49Sale Price
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